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WTB '82 Coupe caliper(s).

Hello everyone,

I have just discovered that my right front caliper is leaking
brake fluid.  It is not coming from the hose (brand new) or the
bleed fitting so I guess that it is coming from the piston seal.

I know that it is corroded so a new caliper is in order.  Since
so many of you do brake upgrades, I was wondering if anybody had
the stock calipers lying around.  I have the stock brakes with the
239mm (9.4") solid rotors and Girling calipers (811615124 right and
811615123 left I believe).

Also, would anybody have the rear drums?  Mine are the originals and
are rusting away.  One lug bolt hole stripped last week when I replaced
the e-brake cable.


Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe

Massachusetts, USA