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Re: Misquoting the spiderman (generation 1 spider bite)

At 11:13 AM 4/23/98 +1200, Dave Eaton wrote:
>nit 3:
>by the same definition, the locker also hunts (loses traction on one axle, 0%
>torque reaction, regains traction and 50% torque reaction.  to use your own
>"A [locker] that "hunts" in a straight line will also hunt in a turn.  What's
>the difference, the dumb switch is only more confused about the 'traction'
>inputs in a turn, cuz there's more of em."

If I understand correctly, the hunt of the torsen involves the active
re-distribution of torque.  The torsen attempts to equalize drive shaft
speeds by actively varying torque split.  While changing the split, the
torsen will then need to react to the chassis dynamics it creates.  It will
continue to do this...thus...a hunt.  A locker doesn't do this.  A locker
is a passive device as it simply forces equal speeds of the two drive shafts.

I have not yet experienced torsen bite...but I've felt straight line hunt
on a 90q.  But I accept that bite *can* happen.  It just takes the right
circumstances to find it.  I also doubt that I'll ever come across
it...it's rare.  Some claim to have the ability to elicit bite at will.
More power to them  :-}

Josh Pinkert
'98 A4q 2.8
'72 911T