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Vixens, Turbo-BMWs and (finally) Audi Diesels

Rob O'Brien wins the coveted q-list Arcane-Information-of-the-Day award
for remembering the BMW turbo-diesel powered Vixen motorhome. 
Honorable mention goes to Frank Bauer for knowing the name began
with a V.  As for other BMW turbo motors, I don't have my sales catalog
collection handy to confirm it, but I could have sworn both the 2002
Turbo and the 745i were official U.S. spec models.  I know I've seen
both of them Stateside.

Bear with me, there's a tenuous Audi connection here.  Turbo-diesels
are gaining (or about to gain) an unexpected reputation as performance
vehicles in Europe.  There are reputed to be some excellent engines
around, including Audis.  Do any European listers have first-hand
experience with them?  Are they available as quattros?  I've always
been a diesel fan, even though the words diesel and car enthusiast are
seldom uttered in the same breath.  I'd seriously consider buying a high
performance diesel, but I'm realistic enough to know there aren't enough
like-minded customers out there to form a marketing niche.  Not the
sort of powertrain likely to be seen in the U.S. unless one or more of the
following were to occur:  1) Congress passes draconian mileage
requirements;  2) technology renders operational differences between
diesel and gasoline fueled engines transparent to the average user and
the EPA;  3)  the country's fuel supply is seriously threatened.

Stone Mountain, GA
'85 4KSQ
'89 F250 4x4 diesel
'95 Z28