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RE: Radiator Coming Out

audidudi@mindspring.com (Jeffrey J. Goggin)
> >My problems/questions:
> >
> >1)  Is there any way to separate the AC condenser mounted on the 
> >radiator's front from that radiator, or must I remove both?
> Yes, absolutely ... when I replaced the radiator on my 200q, I separated the
> condensor from the radiator and didn't open the a/c system.  Unfortunately,
> I can't remember exactly what I did -- it was over two years ago and thus
> beyond the statute of limitations for a 38-year old! -- but I don't recall
> the job being difficult.
> That said, it seems to me that it's attached to the radiator with a couple
> of screws and a small bracket...

Undo the allen bolts and others, then lift the condenser up out of the 
little tab/slots, then away from the radiator.  You should then be able to 
get it out w/o messing with opening the A/C system.  BTDT.

Don't force it!