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Re: Scott's Misadventure with a Ga. Trooper

On Thu, 23 Apr 1998, Pete Kraus wrote:

> >Ok, I need a little reality check here, is it me or this "family owned,
> >customer service" dealer?
> Scott, unofficial condolences from the state of Georgia.  I think you
> were the victim of bad luck with that ticket.  I see partially obscured and
> difficult-to-read plates all the time in suburban Atlanta traffic.  It was
> appropriate for you to contact Fathers & Sons about the incident, but
> you may be pushing it to expect reimbursement.  If you are otherwise
> satisfied with the sale, why hold it against them and cut off a potential
> source for a 100CSQW?  Just be sure they follow their new policy and
> remove the holder you buy another car from them. 
> Pete
> Pete_Kraus@emory.org
> Stone Mountain, GA
> '85 4KSQ
> '89 F250 4x4 diesel
> '95 Z28
In Washington State, we have a front license plate law.  When I had my '84
GTI with euro bumpers, I had a repo-german plate made with the same
license number and put my WA plate up in the window.  I got pulled over by
the Seattle Police Dept and I recited the law "no less than 1', no higher
than 4', in a horizontal position, visible at all times."  The SPD said, "
it would behoove me not to give you a ticket." No ticket.  A year later, I
was pulled over by a WSP (state patrol) and didn't have the plate in the
window.  Got nailed for speeding and the plate.  I was in the boonies on a
2 lane road.  He was coming the other direction.  

In Vancouver BC, I was pulled over for going through a yellow and my
passenger didn't have a seat belt on.  Then he started saying I didn't
have a front plate, so I interrupted him and said I was from Washington.
He let me go.

That trooper was just getting revenue from you because he knew you
wouldn't contest the ticket.  Not all states require front plates.  They
are ugly.  I'd write a letter to the chamber of commerce and dept. of
tourism in Georgia, saying they are discouraging tourism by ticketing out
of state vehicles that are abiding by the laws of the state where the
license was issued.  You may be surprised with the response.

'88 90Q
Nathan Belo

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to see it in its own pristine simplicity."  Bruce Lee--Tao of Jeet Kune Do