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Re: Torsen differences

arrrggggghhhh,  the *part* numbers are *different*.  agreed?  the torsens
*look* different in the diagrams between the ur-q and the rs2.  could it
possibly mean that they *are* different.  just possibly? sheesh.

>In a message dated 98-04-22 19:16:32 EDT, you write:
> >no, the part numbers are different, and the illustrations in the fiche of
>> parts also indicate major differences.  btw, the page is 409-92 in the rs2
>> fiche.
>NO Dave.  The Torsen part number, as you read it, 409-92  as 01e 409 751A IS
>the Torsen differential.  Now go to page 79 & 82 in Jeff's web page.  WHERE is
>there external inputs in that diagram for the torsen operation?  The torsen
>operation is complete when you get to the outside of the housing.  
>> with regards to the spring, in the fiche this is described as a "pressure
>> spring", and it looks to load the rear side gear.  it's not clear, but it

>> the torsen, as a unit, shouldn't need locating as you suggest, as amount of
>> axial float which a spring of this size would allow would clearly affect the
>> operation of the needle rollers on the front shaft (parts #016 409 767 and
>> sleeve 016 311 328).  this spring is also absent from the ur-q installation.
>How can you say this?  Could the spring be absent from all 5 speed quattros,
>because they AREN'T six speed quattros?  Sure they can.  Does that mean that
>the spring somehow affects the operation of the torsen?  Could it be that the
>6 speed torsen used the same 5 speed torsen, but was too short for the space
>in the 6 speed?  Sure it could.  Read 3.1 and 4.2 PP2 again.  Where is there a
>spring reference?

wooahh, you mean audi specially designed the 6-speed with too much room for the
[old] torsen?  you've got to be kidding.  surely.  why would they *possibly*
want to do this?

you agree that the helical spring isn't in the 5-speed?

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q