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Re: 850...and 780

The 780 coupe was a striking car, I always wanted one. Only problem is that I have
had experience with Volvos in the worst Cleveland winters. Anyway, the 780 coupe
was available with either the 4 cyl turbo from the 740/760 series or a version of
that nasty French V6. These engines were more reliable than the origionals, they
shared the bottom end, but had a redesigned top end and injection system. I almost
never get a call for these which I believe were introduced in late 87.


Daniel Hussey wrote:
   On another subject: talking about Volvo's with Renault/Puegot engines....

> Does anyone know what motor was in the Volvo 780 Coupe?  That was the mid-late
> 80's coupe desighned by Bertone (a very nice car IMHO).  Anyways, I think that
> car may have had a Renault turbo motor or something like that.  A neighbor
> of mine had one for a while and I think I remember him saying something about
> it having an odd motor.  Does anyone know what type of motor the 780 coupe
> had?  BTW, these are nice cars that can be had dirt cheap now...if you can
> find one.  Seen some that were real nice buys.
>     Later,
>     Dan