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Radiator Fan Motor

Hi List,
My radiator fan is slowly dying.  I can hear the bearings a little.  New
dealer fan $400ish, discount $250ish, and my mechanic can rebuild it
with sealed bearings for $120.  Can I take the thing to an electrical
type shop (alternator shop?) and can they rebuild it?  Can I do it
myself (I can if given direction, i.e. what parts to replace)?  Does
anyone have experience in this?  I will have the radiator out (again)
next week while the ECU is being mod'd.  I was hoping to fix the fan
while my all metal radiator is being rodded out and end tanks
refastened.  I would like to save some money, so if I can
do-it-yerselfer for alot less than $120, I'd appreciate help.

Gary M. Lewis
1986 5000   CS Turbo 5 Speed   194,000 miles (and counting...)