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Re: Need a Source for a V8 Steering Rack

I did the rack on my 90V8 last fall.  Below was my source.  Non-servotronic,
the rack is very similar to other audis of the era.  I don't believe that
John sold me a real V8 rack but it was the right fit and the price was
right.  It was professionally rebuilt.  Next best price was $500 more.  The
only (minor) complaint I have about the rack is the return line that runs
from the far end of the rack back to the control unit at the steering column
is smaller than the V8s.  That causes a slight hissing when turning as the
hyd fluid is forced through too small a line.  Functionally it is quite fine
and I'd do it again if I had to.  Nasty job-I'd call it a 10 knuckle job.
5000tq and 100 were both easier.  Also should buy the damper as the original
is very likely shot.  The rack should run you about $250 and damper about
$70.  Core is extra.  By the way, the hyd lines that I described above are
not interchangeable with the original so I could not resolve the sound
issue.  You'll need a 36-48" socket wrench extension to do some of the bolt
work.  Don't pull the distributors as the book says, not necessary.
Let me know if you need some recollective assistance.

John Simick <jsimick@erols.com>
Organization:  Impex Foreign Auto Parts 1-800-736-3550

  Paul C. Waterloo wrote:

> Does anybody know where my friend could get a steering rack (I think they
> are all rebuilt by the factory, right?) for a 1990 V8?
> The part number is 4A1422065X. The dealer quoted $750. He needs it ASAP.
> Paul
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