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Re: Misquoting the spiderman (generation 1 spider bite)

OK, had an actual experience this week.  Wouldn't quite call it a big spider
bite (but in low Cf, i have been bitten big, BTW).  Going around a _tight_
very low bank 60deg left hand turn.  Floored, 2nd gear, 'bout 35mph.
Understeer (like normal), BAM:  OVERSTEER.  Went back Understeer as I
corrected for the OVERSTEER.  This was NOT lift-throttle induced (have also
experienced this).  This happened with 225/50-VR16 BFG tires on the car.
Quite sticky tires I might add (entered into a _very_ hi-bank 90 deg corner at
~80 in 3rd, exited at ~70 in 3rd).  Sorry Dave, it does happened.  This time I
don't agree.  Before this happened, I too was like "Can't happen in the dry."
It was a minor stepping out of the rear, but it _did_ step out (my ears heard
it too, other drivers saw it & were like "F-ing Arsehole!!!").  I have to
agree with Scott on this phenomena.  The 5ks q under similar circumstances
(same corner, 5mph slower) just plows.  I wonder if the Porsche tuning of the
RS2 has anything to do with the lack of Spider Bites?  Or the chassis setup of
the Ur-q 20vt.  So far, only T-44 and T-89 cars have experienced it (yes/no?).

Dave, I am very envious of your black RS2.  Dammit, I want one!

-Eric Ferguson
'90 CQ 20v (still lusting after a 2.5L 20vt)
'87 5ks q (needs washed)