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Re: '87 90q 10v questions

From: Dan Simoes <dans@ans.net>

>> Does anyone know if a standard 80/90 FWD
>> towbar would fit a q version, or would the diff/fuel tank be in the way?
>It should probably fit as the towbar would mount to the bumper and
>would not go in any further.  Max tow load would be around 1000lbs
>or what we call a Class 1 hitch.

check with a _local_ dealer on tow ratings for the car...there might also
be a factory hitch available as well.

/rant mode on/
typical Audi of America tow ratings for quattros are 1600# unbraked
trailer, 2000# braked, regardless of car size or engine (same rating for my
'87 4kcsq and my '91 200q).  this is, i believe, a ridiculous response to
the litigation atmosphere in the US over the last couple decades.  AoA is
not alone in this attitude though--currently, no passenger car (no, this
does not count SUVs, minivans, or trucks) brands sold in the US have a tow
rating over 3000# save two--Jaguars and Volvos.  

as i get older (and more conservative) i'm towing the line (pun
intended)--i used to tow my 18' boat behind my '87 4kcsq.  now, i will use
our rwd  Volvo--actually a less capable tow vehicle than my 200q, which
incidentally has over a 4000# tow rating in Europe.  
/rant mode off/

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