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'86 N/A 5k senders, CIS-E


This weekend I will be replacing the radiator and testing what I can as
far as Ignition and Injection go. I have some of Phil's posts, and Scott
Mockry's webpages may be useful, despite the breathing differences. But
I have some issues. I still have a terrible knock, too. So, whaddya

1. I have coolant leaks at the TDC sender and the multifunction
temperature sender. These are very slow leaks, as I have never seen
coolant there, just corrosion on the head. How tight should I retorque
these? Should there be any washers there?

2. I am still participating in a ridiculous fight to have my cat
replaced. It is hollow. What, other than rich/lean, may be affected by

3.Since many lines and hoses in the car look awful from having coolant
sprayed all over them, how should I clean/protect them?

4.How tight should I torque the upper radiator hose clamp?

5. Aside from TDC sender, multi-function temp sensor, idle and WOT
switches, what electricals should I look at? 

6. Don't see much vacuum plumbing here, but is there any testing method?

7. ISV has been replaced recently, but does anyone know if a N/A 5k has
that newfound Idle Stabilizer relay?

Many thanks, and long live the torsen thread,

Ted Harlan