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Misquoting the spiderman (and his cohorts)

In message <353FD214.A99F6D3A@novagate.com> Sargent Schutt writes:

> Yes, it is good, and it is supposed to happen. In a straightway. But is there
> a cutout switch fer when the ole tiller ain't pointed dead ahead? Not on my
> boat. Mine will hunt dead ahead AND in corners. [snip]

> Oh, well I drive in all environments, not just dry. That's reason I still
> drive audi quattros. But regardless, slip angle and wheelspin can cause Torsen
> to hunt, wet or dry. I mean, the whole point in torsen is to hunt for
> traction. Therefore: OS, US, OS in the same corner, as torsen hunts. Locker
> remains flat - and predictable. Care to go into specific detail as to how the
> preceding two sentences are false? Torsens's sole mission is to hunt out
> traction from axle to axle. It's system of logic is finite and sometimes
> fallacious, therefore it becomes confused at times. (I'm holding back on
> drawing a rather personal parallel here). :-)

There's an awful lot of "not listening" going on here.  I did over 160
miles yesterday, on wet roads, and had the car in four-wheel drifts on
_many_ occasions.  Indeed, on the A427/A47 island north of Corby, there
was so little traffic that I went round twice, switching from understeer
to oversteer four times on each circuit. Believe me - PLEASE believe me
- there is _NO_ detectable torque hunt in an ur-quattro in this
situation.  I've done over 90,000 miles in this car, most of it quickly.
I am COMPLETELY ignorant of the conditions you describe.

I'm not denying that this has been observed in a Type 44.  I just wish I
_had_ a Type 44 available to try it on.  But if this condition exists,
as you assert, then it is a product of the Type 44/Torsen combination in
some way - it is NOT inherent in all Torsen implementations as a
consequence of the design.

 Phil Payne
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