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Re: Stripped drain plug removal

Hairy green toads from Mars made Craig D. Niederst say:

> I was all ready to change the oil tonight on my 100, but it was not to be.
> One slip of the box wrench on the drain plug and it was stripped badly. The
> plug was somewhat stripped to begin with, but still usable. Any tips on
> getting this bugger out of there? Thanks.

The previous suggestion for removal is a good one.

I would like to offer a suggestion for re-installation:
Re-install the drain plug in the trash, and get a drain valve
from Imparts. Best damn $14 I ever spent. No more squirming
with a wrench or stripped thread worries. Just flip the valve
and watch it drain neatly into the bucket. Makes the flow a nice
even stream, no splashes either.


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