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Re: Removing rear door panels

Thanks for the info. I will try to remove them this weekend. I am
planning on getting some Boston Acoustic Rally series components. I have
been told that the stock speakers are already amplified with a small amp
located behind the speaker in the door. But I plan on just removing the
whole setup and just powering the new speakers with my Alpine deck. At
least until I get some extra cash to buy a real amplifier. Again, thanks
for the info.

Elliott Potter wrote:
> It's not fun, but it's not too hard.  The only tools you'll need a
> Phillips Head screwdriver (P2 works well).
> Open the door and look at the bit of the door panel that is obscured
> when the door is closed.  At the top you'll see a small screw, take it
> out.  There's another one in the same spot on the other side.
> Then look at the door handle (door handle=the one you grip to close the
> door, not the one you pull to open the door).  Look at it from the
> underside and you'll see one screw on the top of the bottom half of the
> plastic insert that's in the handle.  Unscrew that, then grip the bottom
> half as best you can and PULL.  It helps if you pry it loose a little
> first with a small screwdriver.  It might pull halfway out and then
> stop--it means you haven't pulled hard enough.  Remember it's plastic,
> though.
> Once it's out you'll see two big screws--unscrew them.  Take out the top
> half of the door handle insert (again pull hard).  It helps if you pull
> out the back side (towards the trunk) first, because the front side has
> a big fat piece of plastic that the lower insert was screwed into.
> Now, with one hand grab the handle and with your other hand grab the
> bottom of the door panel, and pull up.  This may take some doing--if you
> worry about pulling the door out of alignment (BTDT on a front door)
> have a friend push the door down while you pull the panel up.  It will
> move up for about an inch and then it's free.  When it is free, it will
> jerk up and a small metal clip will go flying through the air--that clip
> holds the cable for the door latch handle, so go looking for it.  There
> are also a few big chunks of foam rubber that may fall down--these
> aren't vital and mine are now long gone.
> You'll have to disconnect the power window switch (easy enough) and the
> door latch handle.
> When you put the panel back on, note the line of slits going around the
> door (the slits that the door panel was clipped to).  Some of them will
> have black pieces of rubber on them, and some of them won't--this is
> because the bits of rubber are stuck to the door frame; you'll want to
> get them from the door frame and put them back on the door first.
> HTH, feel free to ask questions if I've regressed to incoherent
> blithering.
> BTW, what speakers did you get?  Are they amplified?  I think that the
> speaker wiring you'll see is all line level.
> --
> Elliott
> Stephen C. Petelle wrote:
> >
> > I was wondering if anybody knows how to remove the rear door panels on a
> > '93 Audi 90s. I haven't given it much effort yet, but I am assuming that
> > it is just a few screws and then it pops off. The reason I need to know
> > it that I am going to replace the stock speakers in the rear doors. Any
> > help would be appreciated.
> >
> > Thanks.
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Stephen C. Petelle		  stevep@asic.sc.ti.com
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