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re: When it rains it pours!

Re: a colant leak, Steve B. wrote:
My primary suspects are the heater valve and the seal inside the back end of
the block (where the metal hose is attached with a single bolt! 

An experienced audi mechanic once pointed out this heater hose to engine
adapter/flange as a common failure/leak area, so I have kept an eye on mine.
It seeped slowly for several years and was getting worse (on my 87 5KS) so
I recently fixed it.   What I found is the flange is attached with one bolt
and sealed with an O-ring.  Loosen the bolt and >withdraw< the flange.  It
is inserted several centimeters into the engine.  The old O-ring was very
hard and I think would eventually let go altogether if left unattended.  It
is a metric size O-ring and I ended up buying it from the Dealer.  I first
tried a local plumbing supply shop but their 5 cent O-rings were not metric
and the closest size available would not work.  The fix was done about a
month ago and hasn't leaked a drop since.  
Dave Conner
Columbus, OH