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Re: V8Q "surging"

 -=> Andrew Duane Usg/pe illuminates us with <=-

 ADU> Hairy green toads from Mars made Phil Payne say:
 > Roger Galvin complains that his V8Q is "surging" on a two to three
 > second cycle when driven at a constant throttle setting (not cruise).

 ADU> Sounds like a dead/dying O2 sensor.

     If it continues after the O2 sensor change, pull the
     codes and see if anything appears.  A bad hall sender
     has been known to cause surging in the V8Q's also.
     I forgot to connect the distributor when I was working
     on the V8Q once, to my amazement the car ran fine, just
     surged a little.  I still haven't found anyone who has
     an explanation for why it still ran, a few theories though.


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