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Peru -zing

Chris writes:
>Was perusing the audi document introducing the model year 1991 cars; the 1991
>V8 manual uses a torsen in the rear that is 80/20, while the center is 78/22.
>So, apparently they could and did source different torsen units, and had a
>reason to do so.
>Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com, '91 200q

What does that mean to the center torsen differences?  Nothing.  Different
torsen units?  Well one goes between 2 axles in a differential, the other goes
between two driveshafts in a gearbox, before the differential.  I wouldn't
just guess that part number to be the different, I would expect it.  Given ALL
the reasons to use different torsen units, could you see any to use different
ones in an Urq and a v8?  Like the most reasons to use different ones?  And
yet the parts are 100% interchangeable, listed as the EXACT same part number.
That's apples to apples, the rear compared to the front is apples and oranges.

I would suspect that a rear 80/20 is most likely a 78/22, that has been given
the "up" rounding vs the "down" rounding.  Claiming that 2% difference is
anything more, is not documented.  Given how ABS is integrated to both devices
would certainly support the rounded thinking.  And there is no comparo for
that v8 rear diff.  The centers can be.

Don't make this too complicated.  It's not.