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Re: Eibach springs (WolfSport update)

I just talked to Tim at WolfSport.  The current status of their endeavor is
that they have approximately ten people who are still very interested in
buying the eibach springs for Type 44s.  He said they were looking to
get about 15 firm buyers before placing the order.  He said that the
springs would most likely sell for their previous WolfSport price of $300.

(Can anyone confirm/deny that this was the old price?)

FWIW, if enough people here are really interested they might be able to
tip the balance.  He advised me that you can send an email to Eddie, at
the address:  sales@wolfsport.com  in order to express your interest. 
WolfSport's website is http://www.wolfsport.com

I've got no affiliation to them;  I'm posting this because it seems that they
are the only folks in the land who are still trying to get the Eibachs.  Like I
said, this has been going on for months now, with no real results.
So, if you want Eibachs, it can't hurt to send them an email.

Best Wishes,