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Re: April Volkswagen Audi Car

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From: Tony Lum <tlum@flash.net>
>Just read April's issue of Volkswagen Audi Car and saw a guy who turned a
>100 (looks like a 5000 in U.S.) with a 2 liter turbo diesel into A
>MOTORHOME!  Yep, cut the rear of the car right off and welded a tubular
>steel frame on and epoxied plywood panels to the frame. Strangest looking
>Audi I ever seen.

Part 2 is in the May issue. Just wait til you see the finished interior.
There's an ad for Momo wheels on page 13, in which some artistic licence has
been employed drawing an A3 with Momo wheels - if a black A3 looked that
good in the flesh then I'd be buying one tomorrow.

Jim Haseltine