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re: Subject: Peru -zing (caution, torsen thread)

You wrote:  (snip)
<<I would suspect that a rear 80/20 is most likely a 78/22, that has been
the "up" rounding vs the "down" rounding.  Claiming that 2% difference is
anything more, is not documented.  Given how ABS is integrated to both devices
would certainly support the rounded thinking.  And there is no comparo for
that v8 rear diff.  The centers can be.

Don't make this too complicated.  It's not.



Scott: Just a simple statement that there are at least two torsen apps in
audis; the torsens both take one input and produce two outputs; seems like the
same function for center and for rear.  I doubt that there was rounding from
78:22 to 80:20; the figures were stated in the same paragraph, same page; if
they rounded, it is likely they would do so twice.  I can send you the page in
question if you want.  Not trying to stir the pot, just add documentation on
the torsen as provided from Audi to audi mechanics at US dealers.

As far as ABS and torsen; in coast mode, the torsen doesn't affect the ABS,
according to the white paper (as I remember, could be wrong).  So unless
you're left foot braking...

Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q