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RE: Radiator Fan Motor: Was Thanks - Now Long

	On Friday, April 24, 1998 2:21 PM, Robert said;

>Gary original msg;
	>>I am going to
>  > > put a 60 amp fuse on the ground side of the fan motor wires.
	>You should put the fuse on the "+" side, as close to the power
	>as possible.

I am electrically challenged.  Since I got this car I've decided to get
edumacated.  What/where is the power source?  You mean away from or
close to the fan motor?  I got the ground thing from another member who
had archived it from someone else;

Yes.  The Audi god's idea of a fuse is three no 8 wires feeding the fan
one no. 8 wire to ground.  A no. 8 wire melts at about 100-125 amps. The
rest of the wiring harness melts at about 75-90 amps.  A fuse or fusible
link installed in the ground side and  rated at 60 amps should do the
The relay contacts that control stage three cooling are rated at 70
You also want to bridge this fuse with some sort of BRIGHT 12 volt light
bulb that lights inside the passenger compartment. If the fuse blows,
you don't know it...bye...bye..engine.  (PAY ATTENTION TO THE LIGHT IF
SHOULD ILLUMINATE)  It is counterproductive to save the electrical
at the expense of your engine because it overheated due to the cooling
fuse being blown. ( Which BTW is the reason Audi doesn't do any more
they do.  Harnesses are cheaper than engines, but not much)

Why is the above wrong?  Which wire should I fuse?  And oh by the way,
after visiting your (Roberts) website I would tend to agree with you.
Gary M. Lewis
1986 5000   CS Turbo 5 Speed   194,000 miles (and counting...)