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Spider bite conditions

In message <1bab2333.3540ec34@aol.com> EFergu6410 writes:

> Was driving the '90 CQ 20v.  In the dry, 60deg left hand very tight, level
> corner at 35 or so.  US OS (correction for OS) US as the straight away was
> reached.  'Twas minor, but still a bite.  In low Cf, it has happened to me 3
> times.  All three with rain (one with snow, tho) and 90deg level corners.  The
> tires:  225/50-ZR16 BFG.  The latest bite occured when it was about 55~60deg F
> outside.

Missing throttle movements.  Don't understand 'US OS' without a throttle

I guess I might stand more chance if I try a sharp corner using left
foot braking.  Perhaps it's the delay in getting torque (via boost)
that's letting me off.

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