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Re: Fwd: Lost hyd assist on brakes -4kcsq

Sandy Duffy writes:
> You wrote:
> >Hey all, I had an unusual occurance last night. I was in a big rainstorm
> >(Natick, MA) last hit a big puddle (unavoidable) and lost power assist on
> >my brakes for about 5 minutes. Anybody else experience this before? I have
> >a sense of impending doom.
> Questions: 
> Did you power steering go away at the same time?
> Did you try applying the brakes and holding them on while you continued to
> drive?
> Did you get any warning lights on the Autocheck system?

On a 4KQ, there is no auto check system, nor is the brake assisted via
the central hydraulic system like the 5Ks.

I think you probably just got a lot of water (and possibly other muck)
on your brake discs that took a bit of brake use to clean off...

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