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bypass, shmypass: cut 'em off at the pass

I had become convinced that the turbo's bypass valve on my '91 200q was
faulty--based on the car's running and many posts from the qlist (thanks
Wolff and others). Now, to get a replacement valve.

Called the Legendary Linda at Carlsen Audi.

Me: "Linda, I need a turbo bypass valve for a '91 200q 20V Audi".
Linda: "Hmmm, turbo bypass valve?"
Me: "yup."
Linda: "That's for a '91 200quattro 20V?"
Me: "Yup, I've got a Bosch part number, if that's a help."
Linda: "O.K. Hang on, I'll call my Bosch guy and try to get the part #
crossover for Audi."

I hang on.

Linda: "Hmm, can you describe it?"
Me: "Well, it's made of black plastic, inch or two in dia., and located
over on the turbo side near the front, right next to the wastegate
frequency valve."
Linda: "Any electrical connection to it?"
Me: "Nope. Just 3 hose fittings: two big ones and one small"
Linda: "Aha. Are the two big ones at right angles to each other and the
other is just a small nipple?"
Me: "Yes, that sounds just like it."
Linda: "OK, got it right here. We sell lots of those, but it's not listed
with the part number you gave me. List price $37, minus qlist discount.
Me: "Great".

To make a long story a bit shorter, the _wrong_ part arrived 5 days later.
I called Linda and she was very taken aback (but polite and cooperative).
The  name "by-pass valve" rang no bells and showed up on no turbo-related
parts lists she had. After telling her the two  pages in the Bentley where
the valve is pictured and located in an engine schematic diagram, she
scurried around and at last came up with the part.

"Only it's not called a "by-pass" valve on the parts list. It's called a
_cut-off_ valve!!!", she said.

In fact, when I looked at the little silver label showing vacuum hose
routings --the one affixed to the plastic cover behind the left-front
headlight--it's clearly identified as "throttle overrun cut-off".  Trouble
is, we all know it is a "bypass valve" anywhere it's mentioned in the
Bentley. Anyway, the Audi # is:
 034 145 710C (Bosch 0 280 142 106). I'm sure the archives (wherever they
are at the moment) have that info repeated many times over.

Linda kindly shipped it to me by overnight air at no extra charge so I
could have it before the weekend. It arrived this morning and works great!

P.S. When I removed the old valve, there was the Bosch AND the Audi part #s
in (almost) plain sight.

Phil Rose		Rochester, NY
'89 100
'91 200q		pjrose@servtech.com