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Removing a RR quarter panel with a hacksaw

This Sunday I'm going to what's rumored to be a very good u-pull-it yard
that's throwing a parts party, I've got a few questions and I'm taking
requests, because things are going to be cheap.

First, has anyone ever removed a RR quarter panel from a Type 44?  They are
welded on, so if I find a good one to replace the not-so-good one on my car,
I'm going to have to cut it off.  Does anyone have recommendations about how
and where and with what to cut?  

If anyone has any special requests for bits and pieces, email them to me and
I'll see if I can nab them.  This is a "one-price-take-all" day at this
particular wrecking yard, so I'm going to try to get as many good parts as I
can.  If anyone has a particular request, speak now and I'll see if I can find

Best Wishes,
(email to Audial@aol.com)