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Re: Follow-Up on Mobil 1 Oil Filters

>The best hydraulic oil filters I know of are rated at 5 microns.  Note that
>these are used in indoor hydraulic systems for laboratory road simulators
>the ambient temperature never drops below 50 deg F.
There's a new kind of oil filtering device...it's a big can, maybe 3x
longer than a normal oil filter, and it has a small pump...it hooks into an
oil line, and draws a small amount off and does a really good job of
filtering it.  I guess the idea is that the main filter will take care of
big stuff, but the larger filter will remove carbon etc. slowly(ie, how it
makes its way into the oil in the first place.)

Mostly designed for trucks, but I've seen it(I think) in various race cars.
Oil looks perfect even after months of usage in a big rig.


Brett Dikeman
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