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CIS ill on '87 4kq


1) Driving in a parking lot yesterday (after sitting for 90 minutes).
Had run for ~30 seconds. Seemed to be "out of gas" for about 8 seconds.
Fixed itself. Ran fine afterwards.
2) Leaving hospital today after a visit, (mom & kid doing fine, BTW) car
starts & runs like crap. Attempt to drive. No power at all (weak like
6.0 compression, sputtering, etc). Open throttle by hand. Acceleration
attempted, but not really past 3k, and accompanied by large quatities of
black smoke. Disconnect cold-start electrics (been running for 90-120
seconds); no change. REMOVE CIS fuse. Runs much better. Drive home (~15
mins). Runs OK on the way, but down on power (like 7.5 compression) and
has lots of popping on overrun (rich because of loss of "no-fuel"
action, right?).
3) Get home. Engine now good and hot. Reinstall CIS fuse. Runs like new.
4) Bentley is about zero help here.

Details. ~10 dC/52 dF. ~Full tank of Mobil 87 (with OEM Techron! ;-)
from four days ago.

Ideas? Thermo time switch, O2, ruptured diaphragm, etc.