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Re: center vent on 4000

Derick Farfan <bg18461@binghamton.edu> wrote:
> My 85' 4000s has a problem with the fresh air vent.  When I am on the
> highway driving, if i open the center vent, leaves and all kinds of
> things fly out.  i wonder if there is supposed to be a filter that may
> be missing from mine, or is that normal.  Thanks for your response in
> advanced.

Yes, very irritating. I think the previous owner of my 80 used to park it
under a tree- I was bombarded with birch seeds and dead leaves the first
time I put the fan on 'max'.
No fun, since I was driving along at 150 km/h at the time and some of the
seeds were blown straight into my eyes.

I fitted a pollen filter to my car which did the trick (along with a really
good vacuum of the intake area ahead of the windscreen). This also keeps
the inside of my screen from getting dirty, and reduces the amount of time
spent vacuuming the interior. I don't think that a pollen filter is
available for your 4k, though.


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