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RE: afterrun thermoswitch BTDT

But, Avi, is the 5Kt a good benchmark, inasmuch as these are two pretty
different systems (plumbing, electronics, etc.)? The 5Kt and '91 200 do
obviously have many shared parts and, one might expect, Audi engineering
philosophy. This might lead one to expect that the '91 200 was _intended_
to have the same afterrun behavior. However the implementation in '91 may
have been less than desired. So, it's possible the afterrun just cannot be
easily triggered on the '91 200--although Chris Miller's car seems to
afterrun like crazy. More likely) '91s simply have unique failure-prone

I wish I knew. That damned thermoswitch is very effectively barricaded
against easy testing or replacement. Same goes for the afterrun controller,
access to which requires a surprisingly tedious kick-panelectomy.

[By comparison the turbo bypass-valve operation was _so_ easy to do that I
might schedule one annually just for building self-confidence ;-)]

BTW, there is a surefire way to ensure that the afterrun _won't_ work. If
an accidental short-circuit occurs while attaching the jumper wire to
activate the Motronic fault-code display, the #21 fuse (which also protects
the coolant pump) will blow. Don't ask how I know.


>Phil, my afterrun comes on almost every time (I have 2 5Ks).
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>> Henry,
>> Just a thought: If the "test" was with the hood _up_, that may have gotten
>> the system cooling off too quickly for the after-run to get switched on. I
>> think the after-run may be designed to work only in pretty extreme
>> heat-load situations. If so, and if the difference between 60F and 70F
>> (outside temp) is significant, then having the hood open is probably gonna
>> be significant as well. (damn I don't wanna have to replace my
>> switch!!!) :(
>> Phil

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