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Cost for 5K front struts, RE: Koni Yellows Adjusting help please

Call R@D Enterprises (800 683 2890), I talked to them yesterday, I think you
have to push the shock all the way in before installing it?....
BTW the cost for front shocks for a 5K Q is $120 a shock, they are NOT

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> Subject: Koni Yellows Adjusting help please
> Hey all, i was just wondering how i would adjust the internally
> adjustable inserts, both front and rear for the 4kQ.  They are the yellow
> sports.  The person who i just picked them up from says that they only
> have 2 settings, "soft" and "hard"  Are these the only two there are, or
> are there more settings in the middle?
> Thanks all
> later...
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