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Fake "Virus alert"

This message is also being cc'd to your postmasters/mail system
administrators.  I believe they will speak to you in more detail about
this.  A copy has also been sent to the Computer Emergency Response Team
Coordination Center, or CERT/CC.

I honestly can't believe you were stupid enough to fall for this hoax warning.

How can you honestly believe that a TEXT message can contain and execute a
program? Further that it affects all computers?  COMMON SENSE HERE PLEASE!

Ever heard of the "Good Times" hoax virus?  Same thing.  Complete hoax.
Never existed.
Key words that should ring a warning bell in your head:
"forward to everyone you know!!!!"

Also, note there is no explaination of where it came from, what it does.

Most messages claim to be from the FBI or other such government
organizations; they have no ability, precedence or authorization to do such
a thing.

The only organization(and they are non-government) that ever releases
"true" warnings is the CERT/CC(Computer Emergency Response Team
Coordination Center.)  Their web site, complete with all REAL Viruses,
Trojan Horses and other security issues that CERT/CC has uncovered is
located at http://www.cert.org.

I expect, no less demand that you contact Diane Stiver and have her
re-email all of the people below informing them that she should have been
more responsible and should have contacted her IS staff before forwarding
such information; it is NEVER the job of end-users to release information
such as this, and this is an EXCELLENT reason why; they are often incapable
of good judgement and common sense.

There seems to be a new outbreak; infected humans believe any crap that
floats into their email box, and further, follow any instructions that come
with it.

Look on the bright side; you've helped distribute a different kind of
virus; one that wastes people's time.  Take a gander:

This email: costs many man-hours to stop, self replicates, consumes mail
server resources, malicious intent by originator

Virus: costs many man-hours to stop, self replicates, consumes
resources(and/or crashes systems, deletes files, etc), malicious intent by

Hmm!  Looks like your warning was pretty close to a virus, and you helped
spread it!  Say, what's company policy on people who spread viruses?

At 12:11 PM -0500 3/10/98, wdouglas@gordoncapital.com wrote:
> ----------
>From:  Diane Stiver
>Sent:  Tuesday, March 10, 1998 11:43 AM
>To:  A.J Gairdner; Abena Edugyan; Administrator GPC-Cal;
>Administrator-Toronto; Al Fisher; Alec Rowlands; Alex Bacomo; Alexandra
>Furtado; Alistar Toward; Amir Janmohamed; Ana Furtado; Andrew Bishop;
>Andrew Clademenos; Andrew Taylor; Andrew Turner; Andy Dias; Andy Morgan;
>Angela Kolja; Angie Cendana; Angus Cowan; Ann McMenemy; Ann Neubert;
>Begona Alonso; Ben Lee; Benny Cheng; Bernard Arokium; Biagio Randazzo;
>Bill Bell; Bill Gazzard; Bill Sacre; Birgitt Patterson; Bob Barootes;
>Brad Cameron; Brent McLean; Brian Cavanagh; Brian Kadey; Brian
>McLaughlin; Brian Smallhorn; Bruce Lusby; Carmel Dooley; Carol Riaz;
>Catherine Ho; Chantal Campbell; Cheryl Allard; Cheryl Chanter; Chris
>Blackwell; Chris Burley; Chris Burley; Chris Lang; Clara Flamenco; Clint
>Matthews; Corinna Smith; Crawford Gordon; Daisy Misick; Dale Callaghan;
>Dana Lotocky; Daniela Nardi; Dave Clarke; David Judd; David Morrison;
>David Roland; David Stenason; Debbie Goodwin; Deborah Bullock; Denis
>Giroux; Denise White; Derek Flood; Derek Ham; Derek Nelson; Diane Stiver;
>Dianna Dobbin; Diarmuid Heron; Dominic Costantini; Don Howden; Don Lato;
>Don McFarlane; Don Stevenson; Donna Thompson; Drew Hickey; Duncan
>Mathieson; Dwayne Sadler; Earle McMaster; Edwarda Teixiera; Edwin Tan;
>Emmi Arabe; Erica Atkinson; Fiorella Iannitti-Vazquez; Francois Ruel;
>Frank Jurjevich; Frank Sixt; Fred Pye; Gail Fastershank; GCCBugs;
>GCCOPER; George Benakis; Gerry Gravina; Gina Biris; Gina Johnston; Gladys
>GPCC_TOR; GPCC_WPG; Greg MacDonald; Gwyn Mackay; Hagen Einspenner;
>Heather Frantsi; Heather Kelly; Jack Schneider; Jackie Gregoris; James
>Cochrane; James Garcelon; James R. Connacher; Jamey Morse; Jan
>Petropoulos; Janine Davies; Jason Melbourne; Jean Marc Vienneau; Jean
>Owens; Jenny Morrow; Jessica Steven; Jim Anderson; Jim Danis; Jim Kanis;
>Jim Marchant; Joanne Patterson; Joe Bate; John Esteireiro; John Gaik;
>John Paul Benson; John S. Malowney; John Warwick; Joshua Finnimore; Joy
>Benson; Julia Belanger; Julie Tessier; Karen Ellis; Karen Lickers; Kathy
>Peckham; Keith Howlett; Kelley Johns; Ken Cuomo; Ken MacDonald; Ken
>Peckham; Ken Peckham - New York; Kendra Reddy; Kevin Dehod; Kim Cannon;
>Kim Nguyen; Kris Graci; Larry Farr; Laura Lou; Len Sovak; Lester Lobo;
>Lidia Consiglio; Lina-Dee Andres; Linda Elliott; Lisa Macdonald; Lisa
>Tuer; Liz Kartsonas; Liza Oulton; Lorne Burnett; Louise Bate; Louise
>Vesnaver; Lowri Hewson; Luc Buisson; Luci Cubellis; Maggi Stoop; mailnet;
>Manos Vourkoutiotis; Marcee Johnson; Marcia James; Marcie Miles; Marge
>Flowers; Marilyn Kovacs; Marilyn Trentos; Mark Steele; Marlene Brennan;
>Marta Lech; Mary Fera; Meghan Stothers; Meryl Hollidge; Michael Tait;
>Michael Urlocker; Michele Bolton; Michelle Henriques; Michelle
>Scrimgeour; Mike Cook; Mike Moorcroft; Mike Ward; Minda Gallardo; Miranda
>Hubbs; Murray Bettridge; Mylene Filteau; Nadia Wolko; Nicholas Salerno;
>Nino Guercio; Nitin Kaushal; Ofelia Aquino; Ollie Landega; Owen Thompson;
>Pam Churchill; Pat Krawitz; Pat McNenly; Patrick Cooney; Patrick McGuire;
>Patrick Wong; Paul Lee; Pearl Warnock; Perry Catellier; Peter Bailey;
>Peter McDermid; Phil Chernov; Philip Best; Philip Doherty; Philip Martin;
>Raymond Sharma; Regina Viveiros; Reka Kikeli; Rick Latta; Rick McGuigan;
>Rita St-Laurent; Rob Terry; Robert Chretien; Robert Nemy; Robert
>Standing; Rochelle Allard; Rod Baker; Ron Cuomo; Ron Moreno; Ron Sedran;
>Rosanna Bruni; Russ MacKay; Ruth Jay; Sally Murray; Salpi Ohanesian;
>Sandra Black; Sandra Fletcher; Sandy Edmonstone; Sandy Kipping; Scott
>Bullock; Scott Fromson; Scott Margach; Scott McGregor; Scott Munro; Sean
>Delaney; Sharon Turner; Sharon Watkins; Sheila O'Regan; Shelagh Edwards;
>Stacey Selig; Stephanie Keeley; Steve Glascock; Steve Somodi; Steve
>Tiffin; Steve Walker; Steven Fuh; Steven Gross; Suky Ing; Susan Board;
>Susan Iskander; Suzanne Salnek; Suzanne Strangemann; Syd Stark; Sylvia
>Macchione; Taras Sidorenko; Terry Shaunessy; Thomas Buraglia; Tim
>Ruuskanen; Tim Stewart; Timothy Woods; Tom Trainor; Toni LaFemina; Tonia
>DiCenso; Tony Lesiak; Tracy Dalton; Trish Levan; Valentine Lee; Valerie
>Miles; Velkis Morales; Vickie Myers; Vicky Gardstein; Vicky Rios; Vince
>Porto; Vincenza Riga; Violet Bartolome; Wayne Bakalar; Winslow Douglas
>Subject:  FW:  FW: Virus alert-please read (fwd)
>>Subject:  Virus alert-please read (fwd)
>>*** VIRUS ALERT ***
>>If you receive an email titled "WIN A HOLIDAY" DO NOT open it.  It will
>>erase everything on your hard drive. Forward this letter out to as many
>>people as you can. This is a new, very malicious virus and not many
>>know about it. This information was announced yesterday morning from
>>Microsoft; please share it with everyone that might access the internet.
>>Once again, pass this along to EVERYONE in our address book so that this
>>may be stopped. Also, do not open or even look at any mail that  says
>>"RETURNED OR UNABLE TO DELIVER"  This virus will attach itself to your
>>computer components and render them useless. Immediately delete any mail
>>items that say this. AOL has said that this is a very dangerous virus
>>that there is NO remedy for it at this time. Please practice cautionary
>>measures and forward this to all your online friends ASAP.
>Dave Cote
>Waterloo Biotelemetry Institute
>Biology Department
>University of Waterloo
>N2L 3G1
>Tel: (519) 885 1211 ext. 6449
>Fax: (519) 746 4989
>See the web page at

Brett Dikeman
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Te audire non possum.  Musa sapientum fixa est in aure.
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