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RE: Amsoil or Mobile 1 ??

There is enough "trash" on the list regarding this subject.....if he wants
to know more, let him ask, I don't LIKE the pissing contests we seem to get
into, on a regular level.........and I don't want to contribute to it.......
If he wants to know let him ask (me), I would answer than......
We are far too rude to each other on a regular level......but that does not
mean that the loudest opinions are the correct opinions, and also it does
not mean, that I should not express my opinion.....
Makes sense?.........

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> Avi,
> Give the guy some reasons so he can weigh the factors. I run Redline
> synth in my "ancient" '86 4kq. I didn't develop any oil leaks after the
> switch at 145k miles (a claimed synth drawback). It doesn't burn oil
> (another old engine+synth claim). It is however much quieter on startup
> and I feel much more confident that it is getting good startup
> lubrication.
> Wolff
> P.S. Go to Redline's web page to read their skinny on it.
> http://www.redlineoil.com/
> Avi Meron wrote:
> >
> > I DON'T recommend Mobil 1 or Amzoil, stick to Castrol or Delvac 15W40
> > (Mobil),none synthetic, it is not a good idea to use synthetic
> in an older
> > car,
> > Avi
> >