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Re: The switch formerly called... Er ah, a switch

yes scott.  thanks for the post.  a very thoughful contribution.

i really liked the dig at my "only in the usa" comment (which is true btw). 
especially given the zero population of torsen ur-q's in the usa.  insightful
that, scott...

i took the ur-q for a ride last night (2am) on my way home from watching the
grand prix (the mickey the shoe show).  it was dry but there are 3 large 2-lane
round-abouts on the way home (smooth tarmac).  new tyres on the car (215/50
s02).  i had the car loaded up with loud tyre squeal all the way around the 1st
round-about (3 times) to investigate what would happen as the slip angles
increased, and then lifted throttle, corrected the o/steer moment with throttle
input and the ur-q came back into line and continued around (with slight u/s). 
next round-about faster speed, button off, tail out a little, throttle, tail
tucks, now a little u/s and around again.  next time same, but i lf brake to
introduce o/s.  same result, with more tyre squeal.  immense fun (reminds me
that the rs2 will never be better than this).  wonderfully predictable, huge
grin factor.  much less understeer than my old gen 1 ur-q (locked) which would
have ploughed on regardless.  the 20v can be adjusted on the throttle which,
combined with the steering, gives you wonderful control.

but (drum roll) no boris.  no unpredictable moments, no lurches, no oh sh*t
moments.  just throttle and steering.  wonderful time thank you mr torsen.

slip angles?  7/10th's?  can't have been 7/10th's i guess...

so anyway, i'm out of this 'discussion' until more data is gathered.  my next
opportunity will be the s4 track day (hopefully with audi instructors), now
slated for some time in june. i'm also waiting for jeff's 'gleason' discussion
attempts to bear fruit.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q
>Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 23:23:38 EDT
>From: QSHIPQ <QSHIPQ@aol.com>
>Subject: The switch formerly called...  Er ah, a switch


>I'm starting to laugh at myself.  I've been with this a looonng time.  Too