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Re: Headlight switch

Derick Farfan writes:
> WHen i drive my 85 4000s with the headlights on i have to hold the the
> high beam lever in between high and low to get a bright light.  If i
> just pull on the lever it seems that only the high beam comes on.  when
> i hold the lever between the high and low it seems that both the high
> and low beam comes on.  Aiming of my headlights is one problem but this
> switch seems to be another.  If anyone knew the proper alignment of the
> headlights for this car it would be a big help, thanks.

I believe That's the way it's supposed to work.  In normal high-beam
operation on these lights, the low beams go out.  When you pull on the
lever half-way, it provides for the "flash to pass" function and both the
high and low beams are on.

There should be headlight alignment instructions in the qlist archives.
Check there.

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