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Question about installing euro-lights on a '91 100...

Today, I (finally) started installing the eurolights I bought for my
father's '91 100 ... ended up having to relocate the horns from behind the
headlight to alongside it, which in turn meant that I had to move the air
intake duct as well ... also had to move the battery terminal and need to
fab a bracket to remount it to the vertical panel just inside of the
headlight, where the lower prongs from the center grill attach.  I'll take
some photos when I finish the job next weekend and add them to my eurolights
page ... the job was made a LOT easier and ended up looking a lot neater
because I was able to scroung the appropriate color-coded wires off the
harness from my old '85 4k.  I know that reusing Audi wiring is potentially
a dangerous move and perhaps false economy but where else are you going to
find a black wire with a yellow stripe on a Sunday afternoon?

The one thing I haven't figured out is how to plug the 2" hole in the
headlamp assembly where the wires from the bulbs pass through ... my local
Home Depot and Ace Hardware stores didn't have anything that would work.  If
anyone who has done this job can share the part number for the plug or tell
me how they accomplished this, I'd be most grateful ... we don't get much
rain out here but I hate to leave it uncovered for the long-term.
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