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Cracks in firewall at clutch '85 4KQ

In message <199804270728.AAA27406@gonzo.wolfenet.com> Orin Eman writes:

>>> You clutch master cylinder input rod needs adjustment so it
>>> doesnt bottom out the cylinder at each press of the clutch!
>>> You'll have to get the firewall repaired!

>> If it doesn't bottom out, you can't bleed it.

> There is a danger of breaking the linkage and/or pedal itself
> (aluminium on later 200s) if it does bottom out before the
> pedal hits its stop (the floor in the case of the 200s I believe).
> I had the linkage snap on an '82 UrQ... fortunately right outside
> my front door.
> I guess that's why it is supposed to be pressure bled.

There _may_ be a difference here between LHD and RHD.  On a RHD car,
the (unpressurised) feed line from the twee little reservoir enters
the master cylinder at 45 degrees to the vertical - i.e., the master
cylinder is canted over at 45 degrees.  Even pressure bleeding won't
clear the air out unless the whole length of the cylinder is swept
by the piston.

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