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'Josh' in my posting

Josh writes:
>I have an invite to show up at an event, where Scott will
>show me the dreaded bite.  Until then, I'll know that it's out there...and
>drive my A4q with a little extra caution.  If Phil and Dave keep driving
>the way they're driving, I think they won't see bite.  They're obviously
>not doing one of the things necessary to elicit it.  And that doesn't take
>anything away from all of the reported bites.  Really, Scott...does it
>matter for *everyone* to believe your incidents??
Nope, don't care.  The point really is, that we can look at the design of the
switch an know that it *can* happen, and look to the Scott J.'s of the quattro
world (and the ascribed leader of many arachranoiders, not a covetted
position) btdt, that the can, did.  No one has to believe them but me.
Doesn't change the design or limitation of an absolute traction device in a
turn.  What made me put my 'joshing' redneck post up, is that those that don't
have experience, are claiming based on that exact 'lack', that the design of
the switch can't happen.  That denies more than chassis effects (which is what
they are arguing, just don't know it, or the bite), IMO, that denies the
operation of the switch itself.  THEN claiming that the bite "flat don't
happen".  Well, pardon my redneck ignorance to the switch, quattros and
chassis dynamics.  That statement alone, from two that have never been bitten,
don't understand the operation of the switch, and don't understand WHAT they
are trying to elicit, seems a bit, er, ah, premature?  Or Troll-like.  I'd
switch from either description.