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New S4 engine manifolds

Don't know if this has hit the list yet?

I-5 turbos rule!!! How long have they been in production, in one form or 
another? 15, 20 years?
I am always a little weary of new engine designs, maybe I'll wait five years 
and but a 2002 S4.

'93 S4 TAP chip 16psi (strike that, 22 psi)
This was posted on A4.org 4/27/98:

>From the May 98 issue of CAR magazine (from UK):

"Deliveries of Audi's new S4 and A6 Avant Biturbo have been hit by engine 
problems. Both cars use a 2.7L twin-turbo version of the 30v V6, and early 
production models have been troubled by cracking exhaust manifolds. Special 
hand-made manifolds are being used to ease a 3 month backlog in S4 orders, 
while engineers find a long-term solution. Production of the A6 Avant, 
meanwhile, is on hold.
The problem stems from the turbos making the cast-iron manifolds extremely 
hot: if the casting is poor it causes them to expand and contract unevenly, 
leading to cracking.
Ironically, manifold cracking was also common on the original Audi quattro, 
sot he Ingolstadt company is on familiar ground."

Surely, Audi can rectify these problems before the S4 is sold here in 
N.America. But this type of minor engine design problem isn't a good start 
to what is sure to be the 'hottest' A4 ever (M-car killer written all over 

Check out CAR magazine's homepage: www.erack.com/car/main.htm

It will be fixed before it gets to the US....either that or people will be 
getting custom exhaust manifolds.