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Re: Another V8Q question

Phil Payne wrote:
> It looks like Roger's off to Korea again today, so I get his V8Q to play
> with for a week.  Shame it's an automatic with a _rear_ Torsen -
> otherwise I could go spider hunting.
> Anyway - various people have commented about a V8-specific oil leak
> problem involving a pipe somewhere towards the back of the engine.
> I'm a little better equipped than Roger, and it's time we localised
> the oil loss he's seeing - we don't think it's being burnt.  So I'd
> like to take a look at this pipe.
> Anyone BTDT?  What has to come off and how?
> (Sad day - a favourite tool gave out.  I've had a flourescent inspection
>  lamp that I bought in Germany for _years_.  Today, it didn't light up
>  when I plugged it in.  Sob.)
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If your talking about the rubber breather hose it's towards the front of
the engine underneath the plastic engine cover.Mine was dry-rotted where
it connects to the valve covers on either head.