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Attended Swap Meet in WI

Being new to WI, I was curious about the "Little Carlisle" in Jefferson, a town 
of about 5000, less than 10 miles from home.  Reputed to be the biggest swap 
meet in the region.

Was it ever!  I spent 8 hours there on the move, hit only about 80% of the 
vendors and none of the car corral.  

I saw:  one VW vendor and two guys with assorted used MG parts.  8 hours, and 
EVERYTHING else was GM, Ford, AMC, and Mopar!  (Including only 3 guys with 
Corvair parts!)... No wonder my cars are considered "exotic" out here.  

Anyway, had a great time, bought ice skates, fencing equipment (foil, saber, 
etc...), and a 1951 garden tiller... what a haul for a swap meet!  (Okay, also 
found a 1985 Audi sales brochure... UrQ looks like AudiDudi's... and got leads 
on a restored MGC and a project 24k-mile Corvair Corsa Turbo)   

....If you have an appreciation for American iron, this is definitely a "don't 
miss" if you're in the Midwest!    Any Midwest "import" swap meets/shows anyone 
could recommend? Carlisle's a long drive!

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI 
Mysterious Audi, SAAB, Triumph, Mercedes, and Corvair "exotic" vehicles