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Dem Seatz

Igor commented on how bad Detrois car seats are....

Other comments:

1)  When I was selling Chevy/Olds/VW in 1979-80, we had a customer 
with an Olds Toronado and a Diesel VW.  When he had a long ttip to 
drive, he used the VW - because of the SEATS!!  He had a bad back.

2)  EEEEEKKKKK!!!  The Chevrolet Beretta.  Anyone who has ever 
used one as a rental car has cause to sue for permanent injury.  My 
sister, a lovely lady, is as car-nconscious as they come - but she 
had one rented and told me how shi**y the seats were - unsolicited!

PS: Phil, old compadre, how's the hog ring biz????

And so it goes...

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