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Re: Strange Ronals

I tok a good look at them. They were genuine Ronals.  Not 8", but 6 or 6.5".


Derek Daily wrote:

> Thinking out loud if you don't mind.....
> Some of the earlier VW's had wheels that looked awful similar to Ronals.  In fact, they were offered as standard fare on Quantums.  And had four bolt patterns....  Not 8" tho...
> Could these be mistaken? (On the Scirocco?)
> (Phil P. probably knows of which I'm speaking...may be std on his passat?)
> Derek Daily
> 90 CQ
> 86 VW qsw
> >>> harrison <hsapir@multiverse.com> - 4/27/98 12:13 PM >>>
> A guy rolled up here a few days ago in a Scirocco with the same wheels! He said
> they were on the car when he bought it and had no interest in selling them.
> Bummer.
> harrison
> Tom Nas wrote:
> > Saw a nice '87 Coupe quattro (UrQ sans turbo) in black metallic today- with
> > red leather interior. Very rare car here. The strange thing was that it had
> > 8" Ronals of the UrQ type- but in 4-bolt configuration. I've never seen
> > these wheels before, but they looked great on the car. Has anybody else
> > ever seen 4-bolt 8" Ronals?