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Re: Inspections on Dynos

How would you feel about the testers running up to rev limit to test the
limiter?  That's what's done on diesels in Colorado.  You are required
to sign a waiver absolving the tester of liability before the test is
run.   I wouldn't even stay in the same building when my MB was being
tested, it hurt too much to have my car treated that way.  The car
couldn't be licensed if it wasn't tested.  I licensed my diesel truck as
a farm vehicle to avoid this abusive test.  I'd consider leaving the
area if I was required to have a test performed like this on my Audi.


>Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 13:28:42 -0400
>From: Chris Maresca <ckm@eainet.com>
>Subject: Re: Inspections on Dynos in Virginia

>In MD, they have 4wd dynos.  They require all full-time 4wd AND
>control equipped vehicles to use the four wheel dynos.  The test is
>basically the operator (who drives your car) watching a computer graph
>the speed he should be keeping, which goes up & down for about 5

>Kinda funky, actually.  I had my CQ tested not long ago and sat in the
>pass. side.  The guys at the test place say they can easily tell badly
>aligned cars since they drift on the four rollers, and they accelerate
>car to 40+ mph on these things...   Anyway, they said my car was one of
>best they had seen, some of the worst were Porsche C4's.


>'90 CQ