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Re: Re: PZeros & Extroverts

Bill Elliott (of Corvair fame) writes of Michael Stocker's writing: 
<<The coloring is a strip of colored rubber cured into the tire's
sidewall with 
a thin layer of covering black rubber.  After the tire is cured, the
lettering is
ground down with a fine stone to create the proper finish and to remove
any of
the black covering. 

It would be very difficult to apply any kind of paint because it would
due to tire flexing.>>

Michael's right, but JCW and some parts stores carry "tire markers" 
for this purpose. Never tried it, but appears it would easily wash
kind of like the "protective dye" new tires have on them.
Seen guys use it at car shows... most use white to "touch up" their old
(vintage) tires, but they seem to reapply every show.

1960's era Firestone race tires came with (painted) gold lettering that
was very durable.  The paint lasted for the duration of tire life on the
street (circa 15000 miles).