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Re:Cracks in firewall at clutch '85 4KQ

>p.s. I don't believe it's the input rod bottoming out since I have to
>the clutch a long way to get the clutch to disengage properly. =Possibly
air in
>the system...

If one takes into consideration the number of times the
clutch master cylinder is depressed each day, say, driving
to and from work,  then its easy to speculate the longevity
of the components lifespan.

Another concern with lifespan, is how often the brake fluid is changed!
Something many people neglect!

A "properly" adjusted clutch master cylinder is a wonderful thing!

While driving, I'm not looking for an "aerobic workout" of my legs.
I much prefer my clutch activation within the first couple of inches of
pedal travel.
This allows very quick and precise clutch action!
Only a slight "toeing action" required!

This adjustment to "suite driver preference" is accomplished by adjusting
the clutch master cylinder input rod, to your particular driving style.

Ancient German saying:

"If your feet are pegged to the floor, you got problems, or thats just your
particular style of driving"