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RE: A little more power?


I'm wrong. My car is an 'F' Reg which means 87/88. on closer inspection
of the log book the date of manufacture is November 1987. Sorry.

Still, it must be one of the last off the production line. Any Idea when
(exactly) they were withdrawn?


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	"Lefford, Paul" <PLefford@lehman.com> wrote:
	> Is there a cheap and easy way to get a little more power out
of my 88
	> CGT?

	I didn't catch this one the first time.

	'88 CGT?  As in, Coupe GT?  What year did they build those up
until over 
	there?  Over here, '87 was the last year.  This isn't a quattro
	(U.S. 80/90 body style), is it?