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Bizarre use of VAG parts

If there is ever a contest for the most bizarre use of VAG parts this guy
should be in the running.
I went to a VW show and swap meet, on sunday, at the Western Washington
Fairgrounds. There was a '70s vintage VW Scirocco that had been converted
to mid engine rear wheel drive by taking an entire Audi 4k fwd front
subframe and trans axle putting it in the rear of the Scirroco with
fabricated the top strut mounts that incorporated a roll bar and bracing.
The effort is obviously grassroots and still a work in process but runs,
was driven to the show and has been on a track somewhere. Car is powered by
a 2.0L 16v and is intended to be a track car and daily driver, was told the
F/R weight bias is currently 46/54.
You see something new every day, Sean