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RE: accelerator pedal breaks off on 92 100S

>My 91 200q did this about 6 months ago..I got used to it being gone real
>easily. I believe you need to replace the whole assy..
>mike miller

>>I have a 92 100S. The flexible plastic that holds the accelerator pedal to
>>metal linkage piece broke, leaving the plastic pedal on the floor.  Car is
>>still drivable using the metal piece as the foot contact point, but I
>>I'll have to buy a new pedal assembly to fix it to original condition.  Any
>>other Audi Quattro list people have this problem?
>>It was unintended, and involved the accelerator, but I don't think even the
>>most creative plaintiff's lawyers could do much with this incident :=).

Don't just throw away that plastic piece!

1) beefy paper clip

Required tools:
1) power drill with drill bit about the size of a certain paper clip

Hold loose cover in approximate original position on plastic under-pedal.
Pick a spot for your paper clip hole near where it used to attach, perhaps in a cover corrugation.
Beginning with a straight paper clip (though how it gets straight is beyond the scope of this particular Cheapskate's Manual section) make a 90deg elbow about 1/4" from one end. 
Insert longer portion into recently-drilled hole (through pedal cover and under-pedal)
Bend the paper clip behind the pedal so it doesn't come off. Pretty technical there, hope I didn't lose anyone.

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 87k, about 5k on paper-clip conversion and going strong
1988 GTI 16v, 178k, clutch pedal cover has seen better days