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Effusive thanks

To listers and non-listers.

This week now has a pretty full programme.  Roger _did_ dump his V8Q
on me last night, and I drove it up and down the A14.  The "surging"
he reported is more than noticeable, it's positively intrusive.  It's
the sort of thing you might expect from a Rolls-Royce whose owner is
having fun with a housemaid in the back seat and orders the chauffeur
to accelerate and brake a bit because he's getting tired.  The surge
is _almost_ enough to cause kick-down, and feels as powerful as
engine braking ever gets when it cuts.

So - I've had to re-organise.  The ur-quattro has gone into the garage
on ramps ready for an inlet manifold r&r - partly to inspect the
injectors and their seats from both sides, and partly so I can find
out where and why the exhaust manifold is blowing.  Gaskets, seals,
etc., are on order.  Thanks to Roger (non-lister) for a detailed
description of the steps involved - he's BTDT a dozen times, and it's
my first venture into the ur-quattro's manifolds.

The Passat's drivers seat (previously in the ur-quattro - see below)
has gone back into the Passat.  The new bumper (replacing the one that
was stolen) has been hurriedly assembled as far as licence plate and
indicators, and the car is now legal and driveable.  It'll have to
support the family and fetch bits all week, and I'll put it back on
ramps to do the headlight washers in a couple of weeks.  'er indoors
is out in it at the moment.

The V8Q is on the drive, waiting for an OXS sensor.  Reading the
detailed and comprehensive theory of operation and r&r instructions
sent by listers overnight (thanks, guys) suggests to me that bad
breather pipes _might_ cause external OXS sensor fouling and screw
up the external O2 reference.  Comments?  Anyway - I think there's
little point in fitting a new sensor if the breathers are bad, so I'll
strip the engine cover, etc., at lunchtime today and check.

The fun starts at the weekend - I have three parking spaces and two
entrances - only one bay in the garage and one driver's seat shared
between the Passat and the ur-quattro.  At some point, the ur-quattro
is going to have to come out of the bay (up a steep slope) so that
the V8Q can go in to have the OXS sensor done.  I can't afford to
immobilise the ur-quattro until I've done the V8Q.  This pushes the
(estimated) two days' work on the ur-quattro into Saturday and
Monday (a holiday here).

 Phil Payne
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